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Learn How To DJ Like The Pros

Party People DJs will take you through learning the basics of DJing, all the way through to the tips and tricks that set you apart from the crowd. 

Learn everything from basic beat-matching through to advanced mixing and set-design. 
Conducted by one of our professional DJs to ensure you receive all the information and knowledge you need to mix it with the best.

All lessons are taught 1 to 1 and are tailored for you and your current skill level.

Learn on our industry standard equipment, or learn on your own equipment.

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Get Club Ready!

Did someone say industry standard equipment?

You will learn how to use all kinda of equipment so you will be prepared for anything a venue can throw at you!

No matter what club/bar or venue for that matter you get to perform in, you will be able to take over and give the patrons the best night possible.


 Looking to improve your mobile DJ skills? 

Speak to us about learning from some of the best mobile DJs in Australia and how you can take your events from good, to unforgettable.

Learn To DJ

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